• 3D-modeling with solidWorks

    DRAFTING & DESIGN SERVICES - 3d-modeling

    3d-modeling with SolidWorks-software


    Designing and printing 3D - objects

  • Automation Services

    With Delfoi - solutions, we offer product automatization from begin to the end.


MAJA Engineering offers procedure design and development solutions. It also can help you with your companys productivity and automation questions with many other services like: on- and offline robot programming, support and drafting and design services.


  • On- and offline robot programming
  • Offline programming with DelfoiArc-software for all robot brands
  • Operator training and consulting
  • Reviews for product automation possibilities
  • Techical support for automation invests
  • Production maintenance and support services

Example for automation project

Customer wants to automate product/product family for existing robot cell

  1. Products are reviewed from robotics perspective
  2. Attaching the product to the robot with DelfoiArc
  3. Fixtures of the product/product family is designed with DelfoiArc specifications and customer requirements
    • Requirements of the product and the robot cell are taken into account in desing. Lifts, moving and fastening products are also taken into account.
    • The customer receives the manufacturing drawings of the robotic fixture, including pdf/dwg/dxf-drawings and 3d models and operation instructions
  4. The product/product family robot programs are programmed by DelfoiArc-software
  5. Manufactoring of the robotic fixture are made by customer or MAJA Engineering Oy. Testing and intructions for use are provided by MAJA Engineering.
  6. Robot program will be uploaded to robot. Program will be tested online by MAJA Engineering and finetuned if necessary.
  7. MAJA Engineering will check the first run and collect all modification needs
  8. Program update if necessary.
  9. Customer approval = Product are ready for automated production

MAJA Engineering can provide aftersale services, like revision changes.


MAJA Engineering Oy - 3D modeling

  • Research and development
  • Manufacturability reviews
  • 3d-modeling with SolidWorks-software
  • Simulations and reviews
    • Robot welding with DelfoiArc - software
  • Manufactoring drawings
  • Welding and assembly fixtures, manufacturing support tools. Also robot fixtures and grippers.
  • Tool design
  • Product design
  • Layout design
  • Layout modeling 3d, with production simulation option

SolidWorks - modeling

SolidWorks - drafting and designing



MAJA Engineering - 3d-printing

MAJA Engineering 3D - modeling and printingMAJA Engineering 3D-printingMAJA Engineering 3D - printed objects

  • Manufacturing services for our products
  • 3d-printing
    - Printer Sindoh 3DWOX1
    • Printing area 210x200x195mm
    • Materials
      • ASA
      • ABS
      • PLA
  • Designing and printing 3D - objects


  • ABB
  • Fanuc
  • Motoman/Yaskawa
  • KUKA

  • Experience from different robot welding softwares
    • In example, how to use robot as a object handler and use of multiple robots simultaneous in the same object.

  • Powersupply knowledge for robot welding. Manufacturer's like: Kemppi, Fronius ja Lincoln.


  • SolidWorks – 3d cad
  • SolidWorks PDM – Product Data Management
  • Draftsight / AutoCad – 2d cad
  • DelfoiArc– remote programming for robot
  • ABB Robotstudio – ABB robot remote programming
  • PolyWorks Inspectors – 3d calculation and analysation
  • Lemonsoft - ERP
  • Visual Components
  • EPSON RC+ 7.0